Diaphragm & Hygienic Seals

All of the following diaphragm seals (also known as chemical seals, chemiseals or barrier seals) can be supplied to customer specification quickly and at very competitive prices.

Some popular specification welded diaphragm seals with fitted gauge are stocked ready for immediate despatch.

Seals are designed to isolate the measuring instrument from the process medium that may be corrosive, viscous, high temperature or containing solids which may all damage the sensing element of the measuring instrument.  The measuring instrument (pressure gauge, pressure transducer or pressure switch) can be fitted directly to the seal or remotely via a capillary.

Seals are available with threaded or flanged process connection and in many materials including:- AISI316 st/steel, Monel 400, Hastelloy C276 or B2, Tantalum, Incolloy 825, Inconel 600, PTFE etc.
A wide selection of filling liquids can be specified to suit the application, for example FDA approved glycerine or white food oil for the food industry or silicone for low or high temperature applications.
The process medium itself and it's operating pressure and temperature are very important factors in selecting the correct seal type.  
Please contact us for technical guidance or quotation.

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