Glycerine Filled Gauges

Glycerine filled gauges are particularly suited to applications where oscillating/surging pressures or vibration are present.   The damping effect of the glycerine will steady the pointer making it easier to take a reading against the scale. 
For the measurement of non-oxidising fluid liquids that are not:- highly viscous, high temperature (over 60°C), likely to solidify/crystallize or corrosive to copper or tin alloys.
Also suitable for gases (except oxidising gases such as oxygen or acetylene) up to 25 bar maximum.
For oxygen or acetylene gas see our Oxygen & Acetylene Gauges category.
For all gases over 25 bar a safety pattern gauge is recommended, see our Safety Pattern Gauges category.
Please note - Chemical reaction can occur between glycerine and strong oxidising agents such as (but not limited to) ammonia, chlorine, oxygen etc.  With oxidising agents glycerine filled gauges should not be used.
Glycerine will also discolour at temperatures above 55-60°C. Alternative damping liquids are available for higher temperatures.
These gauges are designed for applications and use according to European Standard EN837-1.

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