Industrial Purpose Dry Gauges

A wide range of stainless steel case gauges, dry or dry fillable, are stocked for general use across all industry sectors.
For the measurement of fluid liquids that are not:- highly viscous, high temperature (over 60°C), likely to solidify/crystallize or corrosive to copper or tin alloys.
Also suitable for gases (excluding oxygen or acetylene) up to 25 bar maximum.
For oxygen or acetylene gas see our Oxygen & Acetylene Gauges category.
For all gases over 25 bar a safety pattern gauge is recommended, see our Safety Pattern Gauges category.
Should you require a fully stainless steel gauge for demanding applications, please see our All Stainless Steel (Process) Gauges category.
These gauges are designed for applications and use according to European Standard EN837-1. 

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